Travel Diaries: El Tarter, Andorra

I recently went on holiday to Andorra to ski. I have only ever really skied in France – with the exception of my first time in Austria and Switzerland this year – so this was something completely new and different for me.

I have been completely swamped at work over the last few weeks (tends to be the busiest time of year for a ski company!) and I’m currently in Zurs, Austria with work. But for this reason it has taken me a while to get round to this blog!

The transfer

We flew from Luton Airport to Barcelona. Our flight was at 12pm which was actually lovely, as I live very close to Luton, so there was no ludicrously early start. One of the most civilised transfer days ever!

From Barcelona we had bought tickets for a bus to El Tarter, Andorra. Tickets directly to resort can be bought online here and are very reasonable in price for a return ticket. After changing buses in Andorra La Vella, we arrived in resort at about 8 o’clock, after one of the smoothest ever days getting to a ski resort. So far, all ticks from me.


We stayed in an apartment for 4 people in the main town. It was around £600, so split between 4 it wasn’t too bad and was very spacious with cooking facilities etc. I believe it was on Air BnB.

There are all sorts of options for accommodation in El Tarter. There are numerous apartments, as well as Neilson accommodation. As the company I worked for, for the past 2 years, I can’t help but plug it a little! Neilson offer chalets and a chalet hotel – which includes breakfast and a 4 course dinner in both. It is a fantastic option, as you can often find very inexpensive deals which include all your flights and transfers. The Hotel del Clos also has a fantastic kids club.

The Skiing

The big one. Having mostly had experience in France I had no idea what to expect. But the skiing was fantastic. It is fairly easy skiing and very beginner friendly. Not to say there is not challenging skiing, as there is endless, accessible off-piste and some good reds and blacks about.  Although the great part about it being fairly easy skiing – we were the best people on the mountain!

When those clouds start to make way for a bluebird…

This year we had awesome snow as well. We had 3 days of blazing sun, followed by some patchy white-out days which were still ski-able and topped up the powder.

I would definitely recommend Andorra on the skiing. It’s a massive ski area and we didn’t get bored over the week at all.

The Resort 

El Tarter is a small town in the area. There is not a lot going on in the town – a few restaurants and bars but not a lot. Enough to get you by on a quiet week. Saying that, it’s absolutely gorgeous. A real ski resort with gorgeous wooden chalets everywhere. A twenty minute walk up the hill takes you to Soldeu, or alternatively there is a bus which runs until half 9. There a lot more going on here, with all sorts of bars, restaurants and shops and some decent apres too.

All in all the area is lovely. It is a little quiet and small but there is easy access to other areas which have a little more life. It just depends what you’re after. It is possible to ski to Pas de la Casa, and get a taxi back. This resort is well known for being the party resort, so it’s possible to go over easily.

This was our first ski trip together since our seasons and as a couple (aww) and I had the best time. It is just so great to be able to go skiing on a holiday – we didn’t have a care in the world and didn’t have to think about getting back to make dinner for the guests!

Andorra was wonderful, and for anyone that hasn’t been, I highly recommend it! It’s also dirt cheap. I’m talking €3 for a pint. Yep, book it now!!


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