The Perfect Life

I recently saw this on Instagram, and I think it’s so bloody true.

Sometimes I like to think I have my life together; I have a job, I’ve moved into a new flat in London, and I couldn’t be happier with my other half.

But really that’s absolute bull crap.

I got my job on a 6 month contract, which is up at the beginning of May. Because of that my flat is only on a 3 month contract, as I didn’t want to be paying for a flat in London with potentially no job.

Sure they may extend my contract for both, but I tend not to hope for things that may not happen.

So realistically, in May I may (haha) have no job and have to move back in with my parents. That is not what I would call, having my life together. I will also by then, be 24. Living with my parents. And my boyfriend.

But really, why are people telling us we should have our lives together? Recently I have researched becoming a photographer, a teacher, and a professional dog walker (yes, it is a thing, yes, it can earn you shit loads). So what if I don’t yet have a career and I already want a career change?!

People need to stop telling everyone else that they need to have their lives sorted, and that they should be living in a house with a career and a dog and kids on the way by the age of 25 (may as well be 15), because it’s bloody exhausting.

So what if you’re life is an utter mess? So what if you have everything together and everything is just sickeningly perfect? Don’t rush to get to someone’s vision of perfect, because it might not even be what you want.

If you want to spend your twenties, in your pyjamas, watching Netflix and eating beans on toast, you go and bloody do it. If you want to be a dolphin trainer and travel the world, just do it.

Don’t spend your life trying to fit into ideals, that the world as a collective have come up with, because everyone is so so different. It’s taken me a long time to realise that’s not what’s important in life, and the “perfect” life just might not be perfect for you.

Maybe I just will become a professional dog walker, earning over £30,000 a year. Then who’ll be laughing?! (See here.)

Follow your dreams. Even those really weird ones that you don’t tell people about.


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