A New Chapter

This weekend we finally moved into our new flat in London. Hurrah! I thought it may never happen, and look at me now!

I have never ever moved house before. Ever.

I have moved to a new room at uni, and I’ve moved into houses for second and third year, and moved to other countries for a couple months, but this feels different. This feels very real. Somehow it’s a bit different when it’s not just shoving as many bikinis and flip flops in a suitcase as possible.

It began on Thursday night when this was my view:

All packed mum, let’s go!

I came home from work early on Thursday due to illness. I have never ever done this before, I more of a “power on through” sorta gal. So coming home to face packing was my idea of hell.

My packing usually consists of throwing everything out of my wardrobe, before sorting through, refolding, then packing. Probably a very counter productive way of doing it, but I’m stuck in my ways.

So Sunday morning came, and after trying to pack the car in the pouring rain and falling out with my entire family, we were off.

Turns out that if I take my entire room to a much smaller room in London, it won’t fit. Not even close. I currently have a lot of things jammed in spaces they probably shouldn’t be in.

Here’s a space. You can go here.

Welcome to the toiletry cupboard. Yes this is slightly bizarre, no I don’t care. Yes it is staying in the cupboard where I could hang clothes, because it is ideally placed next to the mirror. Dreamy!

I will also be ordering fairy lights and bunting.  My room needs pretty-ing up and straight away.

All in all the move went fairly well, despite the rain. My family and I have reconciliated after our fall out.

Plus at the end of the day the sun came out and the blossom was looking it’s best!

Even if it looks like halls.

The best part was the next morning. My walk to work took me 18 minutes. No tube, no train, no car, no buses, no Southern Rail, no delays, no cancellations. And it was glorious. The sun came out, and by the end of the walk I was walking in a tshirt (sweating my tits off), loving the sunshine.


I also had 2 hours extra in bed. 2 hours. I can’t quite get my head around that extra time sleeping. My work colleagues are going to feel like they’ve met a new person. I’m so cheerful now! It was light when I got home!

So this is my new life. I can’t put into words how much of a difference this move will make to my life and I’m so excited for it.

Incense means I’m an adult.

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