Season Life: We’re back!

Somehow, I’ve accidentally ended up back in the mountains living a miniature season. One of the perks of my new job: I get to spend a few weeks back in my favourite place in the world.

Blows my mind every time

There is absolutely nothing better than being back in the mountains. Any stress or worry just seems to disappear as soon as you step outside and look up. Never gets old.

So I found myself in Laax, Switzerland, delivering luxury holidays to families for February Half Term. I was working within the Kid’s club, which involves following a snake of small children down the mountain and picking them up as they topple into each other, while shouting PIZZAAAAA! (A ski term, not just a strange season game).

We need to work on the T-Bar, they haven’t quite got it

Really this is my dream job – it combines my favourite things: mountains, skiing, and hilarious kids. Most of my week was spent laughing at the funny things they say and do – there is nothing like a child’s imagination.

Anyway – off I went, expecting the usual Feb Half Term – a bit of skiing, a bit of drinking, a bit of working. Oh how I was wrong. I think the only time I have stopped to take a breath this week is now – when the guests have been returned to the airport. Even when I was asleep I was dreaming of accident report forms and disgruntled guests.

I have never skiied in Switzerland before – I have usually stuck to France and the popular resorts, so this was quite a different experience. Firstly, the hotels are stunning. Most of them are 5* and they are out of this world. Personally this is lost on me – as I never spend any time in my hotel when skiing, but hey, if you have the money then why ever not?!

The hotels here that have caught my eye are Peaks Place, and the rocksresort. They are both self-catered style apartments. The rocksresort is located right at the bottom of the piste, with countless fantastic restaurants in each block. Peaks Place is a little further away but has the most unbelievable spa and pool, and a pretty gorgeous bar (wouldn’t that be the life?!).

Next is the restaurants. I’m not much of a foodie myself, but if you are this is certainly a place to go. Even the mountain restaurants have to be booked weeks in advance and all serve gourmet food.

Take-away Thai food for a bargain CHF 30 

This was a take-away from Nooba, which was walking distance from our hotel. Every day when we walked past, the smell was divine so we eventually gave in and paid half our salary for a small box of heaven. (Must visit). I didn’t really have time to visit anywhere else, but the guests assured me they were all fantastic and I was missing out (thanks).

So the guests have left, and I’m sitting on my balcony in the sun, taking in the view (bluebird days ALL week!?) and contemplating my mini season. I have had such a great time being back in the mountains – there is almost nothing mountain air can’t cure (excluding pneumonia…). There is also no denying the commute is considerably better here.

Just popping to work

But all in all, after a lovely week, I’m am over the moon to be going home tomorrow. It has been hard work and tiring, but even after a week, I miss England. If anything, it has proved my decision to give up the season lifestyle was the right move. As fun as it has been, I don’t want to live a life like this (I know, I can hear you saying “ARE YOU MAD!!”). Maybe I am mad! But after a gorgeous week, I’ll be glad to be back in rainy little Bedfordshire. And I’m dying for a proper cup of tea and some salted butter. Other countries just can’t get it right?!

Besides, the holiday to Andorra in a week is booked… I don’t miss you that much England!



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