Welcome to the working world

I’ve now been working in my new job for just over a month. To be honest I am actually enjoying the office life. Who’d have thought?!

One of the best things is office attire. I know that sounds like a ridiculous thing to like about my new job, but I don’t care. Getting dressed in classy clothes and heeled boots and a nice blouse, is so me.

Well, I think a lot of other people I know would disagree considering I often looked like this:

Or this:

Not exactly what one would describe as office attire. But new year, new me and all that jargon. I’m a working woman now, flips flops are out, heeled suede boots are in. Plus, if you stand on a train platform in -1 degrees at 7am wearing flips flops, you may get a few funny looks while also losing your toes.

But the clothes aren’t the only good thing about the job. I LOVE London. I’m working in Putney (never heard of it before), which is the most lovely place. It has cute little cafes, cute homewear shops, cute bars, cute everything. And about 3 million barbers. Always handy.

I also really like being able to go for drinks after work. It makes me feel like a real grown up. Even though my “drinks” is a J2O because I have to drive home. Adult life ey.

But I do now know also the best places for cocktails, and which bars sell passion fruit rekorderligs, which I think is actually a very useful skill that can be put into every day life (Doric Arch in Euston ticks all the boxes: super cute, sells fruity cider ✅).

So currently, working life is for me. I mean the whole office part and actual working is something I’m still coming to terms with (I have learnt so much about people, but that’s a whole other post), but all in all it’s a yes from me.


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